Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

Wed, Jul 16: Reggae at Avalon

Coco Tea is coming through the area this week. He's one of my favorite modern reggae singers - not quite at the level of Israel Vibration or Burning Spear, but if you like them you'll probably like him. In the musical sorting in my head, Coco Tea goes with Buju Banton and Beres Hammond and Majek Fashek, though I like him better than those three. Good voice, not monotonous, kind of on the dancehall side of reggae but not extremely so.

Speaking of dancehall, Yellowman is playing at House of Blues in Cambridge tonight. Sorry for not having posted about it sooner, now it's too late. Lame of me, I know. But back to Coco Tea...

Monday night (that's tomorrow), he's performing at Lupo's in Providence. And on Wednesday night, he's opening for Castleton, at The Avalon on Comm Ave in Allston. If I get back from DC in time for that show, I'll be there.
Tags: avalon, coco tea, houseofblues, lansdowne street, lupo's, providence, yellowman
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