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ticket prices

I've been looking for what's happening around Boston around the end of May / beginning of June, for some people coming in from out of town, and I happened to notice that Leonard Cohen is doing a couple of shows at the Wang Center.

Tickets in the mezzanine and back rows are about $100, and range up to $253 for the front sections.

Okay, he's good. But is an hour or two of Leonard Cohen really worth as much or more than, say, a full 4 days of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival? (FRFF 4-day tickets were $100 in the super-early sale this year, but even at the gate tickets won't be over $200)

P.S. Molly Zenobia with Mali Sastri at the Lily Pad in Inman Square this evening 7-10pm, "From the Inside Out". Lily Pad at 1353 Cambridge Street, all ages, $10 (I think).
Tags: leonard cohen, lilypad, mali sastry, molly zenobia, tickets, wangcenter
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