Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

Play music for each other over the net

MixApp is shared music listening software written by an MITish group of people. You join a MixApp group, in which there are "rooms" which are like online chatrooms with playlists. Anyone in a room can add music from their iTunes library to the room playlist, and anyone can rearrange or remove tracks. Everyone in the room hears the track that's currently at the top of the playlist.

It's in beta testing currently, and among other things, that means:
- Only mp3 files. You can't play mp4/aac or other files times from your library yet.
- Only for OS X (Macintosh). They're working on a Windows MixApp client.

If you're on a Mac, come join my MixApp group!

You can listen to some of the rooms I've started up there and filled up with music (freefall, Ecto, 80's, Afropop Worldwide, Southern Rail, Finland, Massachusetts Music) or add your music to them or make a new room or two.
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