Cos Music (cosmusic) wrote,
Cos Music

FLUTTR at O'Brien's tonight

Vessela Stoyanova's band FLUTTR is playing at O'Brien's in Allston tonight, going on at 11pm theoretically. O'Brien's is right at the corner of Harvard Ave and Cambridge Street, a couple of blocks up Harvard from Brighton Ave. I'm going with petra_quince.

Vessela is one of the PAN 9 residents. She plays electric marimba and has several bands and ad-hoc musical projects. FLUTTR is her rock band: marimba, electric cello, electric bass, drums, and vocals. They have a new vocalist but before that they used to do a lot of instrumental tunes and there's still an instrumental feel to a lot of their songs. I love them. Second to the Dresden Dolls, I think FLUTTR is my next favorite local band.

There's another Vessela show coming up, with two of her bands, later this month. I'll post about that tomorrow.
Tags: allston, fluttr effect, o'brien's, vessela stoyanova
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