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Tonight: Fruit at Johnny D's

Fruit, from Australia, is playing at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville, tonight. 8:30pm, 21+, $8.
There's no opener, so I think they're playing two sets. If 8:30 is too early, come at 10 or even 11 and you can still see them.

I'd have posted about this a few days ago if it weren't for Falcon Ridge, and I've been way behind on online stuff recently and didn't have time to write much. So instead I asked ceelove to write something about Fruit, since she's the one who first introduced me to them. She sent me what she'd already written a while ago...
    One of my favorite bands, Fruit, is playing Johnny D's on Tuesday the 29th. Fruit kicks ass from here to Australia, from whence they hail. It's a five-person band; the three leads are the same, the bassist & drummer sometimes change.

    And those three leads, you ask? Susie, Mel, and Sam. They're all female, all singer-songwriters-guitarists and damn good at their craft; their harmonies are somethin' else, their energy is phenomenal... And then
    there's Mel, who is just blisteringly good. Mel is arguably the single most talented musician I have ever seen, and believe me, I've seen a lot. She can play anything she touches; I wouldn't put it past her to develop telekinetic powers so as to have that much more scope and freedom. I've heard her on trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, clarinet, harmonica, guitar, sax, and the "clumpet," a trumpet body with a clarinet mouthpiece fitted to it (which makes a sound resembling a didgeridoo), and I believe she can play a few others when she gets bored with those. She can sing like the heavenly host channeling a rock opera.

    The first time I saw them, it was on a whim - based on nothing but the blurb from Johnny D's, about four years ago. No one else had heard of them either. Andy and I were about one-fifth of the audience there, yet Fruit rocked our socks off, playing for the joy of it. Within a minute of them taking the stage, we were on a cell phone, calling everyone we knew, telling them to come.
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