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Sun, Aug 2: DaVinci's Notebook @ Passim

DaVinci's Notebook, a very silly a cappella band from Northern Virginia, will be at Club Passim this Saturday night. When I say very silly, I mean silly like Einstein's Little Homunculus, like The Bobs, like Mark Graham. And ever since I was spoiled for vocal music by Zap Mama years ago, there have been very few a capella groups I've been motivated to listen to or see, on a musical level. DVN is one of those few (M-Pact is the other one that comes to mind). Better than The Bobs, and IMO funnier too!

Club Passim is a vegetarian restaurant and non-profit folk club in Harvard Square, Cambridge. All shows there are all ages, and there is no smoking. You can reserve in advance for the show by calling 617-492-7696, and I recommend it, because DVN always sells out. If you want to reserve a seat at a table, make sure to ask for dinner seats when you make your reservation - "dinner" is the magic word, without it, you'll probably just be seated in the back or along the sides.

Two shows, 7pm and 10pm. I'm planning to go to both. $15, or $13 if you're a Passim member.
Who wants to join me?

[Added later] Sean Altman from Rockapella opened both shows! And it was apparently DVN's first double sold out night at Passim. They wanna do the EFO thing of two nights in a row next time. Sean Altman got on stage with them for a couple of songs, in drag! And the surprise guest was Rachael Davis, who will be performing at Passim tonight (Sunday night) along with Jake Armerding and Mark Erelli.

kkpixie came with me to the 7pm show. Then at the 10pm show, hammercock, jbsegal, rigel, awfief, klingonlandlady... tables full of familiar people. Even managed to drag chanaleh in from the street, impromptu :)
Tags: davinci's notebook, harvardsquare, m-pact, passim
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