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Thu, August 7th: Evan O'Television and the PAN 9 crew at The Comedy Studio

The PAN 9 crew is coming to The Comedy Studio this Thursday night! Evan O'Televison is responsible, once again.

I wrote about The Comedy Studio in this post, and said,
It's a small, cozy, dark, informal comedy club, founded and run by local comics - very different from other comedy clubs you may have been to. It's the sort of place where people who have never done comedy in public get their first gig, and the best and most celebrated comics come to try out their new material. There are often as many comedians in the audience as there are on stage. I've seen some incredibly good, incredibly bad, and incredibly weird and bizarre performances there - often some of all three on the same night. It's my favorite place to see comedy.

This won't be a usual Comedy Studio show, though. Evan's meta-act will be joined by the likes of Karin Webb crawling on the tables (well, that was last time, who knows what she'll do this time... or even if she's going to be there), or maybe ... well, I don't know, but I'll find out Thursday.

If you don't know of PAN 9, read my post about their June show. Or Evan's email announcement:
From: O'Sullivan Evan <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 18:02:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Evan O' Television and 16 words

(AP) O' Television Productions is still dodging responsibility for the not-so-controversial sixteen word quote
leaked earlier this week by an unnamed source.
The Comedy Studio will host Evan O' Television's second Idiot Box comedy/art event August Seventh.

Fake-accented flak, Shamus Self-Promotion had this to say "I think my P.R. is darn good P.R.  I stand by it."
Self-Promotion would not comment on whether two appearances this weekend are part of a lead up the
rumored Thursday, August 7th show.

"Yes, Evan O' Television is performing with DJ Hazard on August 1 & 2 at the Comedy Studio at
1236 Mass. Ave in Harvard Sq.  That's all I have to say at the moment."

Self-Promotion would not cofirm whether or not the rumored August 7th, Idiot Box 2 event would feature
a diverse group of comedians and artists such as Peter Dutton, Alexander the Jester, Dan Sulman,
musical act Lindi's Radio, Nicole Luparelli, Brian Longwell and a session of "Ask The Metalhead"
with Weekly Dig columnist Keith Bennett.

The Comedy Studio is located on the third floor above the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant on Mass Ave near Harvard Square. To get there from Harvard Square, go to the Au Bon Pain and continue walking along Mass Ave, past Toscanini, past Ferranti-Dege, past the Harvard Bookstore, and about a block later you'll get to the Hong Kong. It has a big yellow lit sign. Go in and up the stairs to the left, to the third floor. There may be someone on the second floor landing asking for IDs, because there's some other club on the second floor. Show him your ID and say you're going up to the comedy studio, and he'll let you pass - I think it's all ages.

All shows at The Comedy Studio are 8-10pm.

Remember Scissorkiss at Ceremony tonight - their last live show before amadea moves to Chicago and live shows become rare.
(Note: Ceremony is a regular weekly goth dance night, they'll just be playing an hour set in the middle of it.)
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