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Thu, May 22: FLUTTR and .WAV at the Sky Bar

Two Vessela bands on one night!

FLUTTR is the rock band I wrote about yesterday. It was the second show I've seen with the new vocalist - the first one I saw was also her first time singing with them. Now, it's going to be hard to imagine them without her. The sound at O'Brien's wasn't the best, too loud in too small a space, but the performance was very strong and I want to see them again very soon! (And it seems that I will :)

.WAV is another band with Vessela on marimba and Troy from FLUTTR on guitar, with a somewhat different mix of instruments, playing a combination of klezmer-influenced Balkan world music with jazz and rock influences. Marimba, guitar, violin, bass, drums, vocals, percussion. I found this description in a bio online:
.WAV's eclectic mix of traditional Balkan music, surf rock and jazz has been mesmerizing audiences for over a year and a half. Classically trained percussionaist Vessela Stoyanova and American rocker Troy Kidwell formed the group around their common interest in surf music of the sixties. Dick Dale's father was Lebanese and his mother was Polish so many of his tunes have Middle Eastern/European flavors. "'Miserlou' (the Pulp Fiction song) is actually a traditional Greek song. We just took it from there and added our own flavors to it," explains Troy.
With a lineup of six people from five different countries those flavors are from African to Japan, via South America, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and India, then liberally sprinkled with rock and jazz. "We're not one of those 'world music' groups with pan flutes and synths though. We have the power of rock-n-roll and the soul of folk traditions behind us," says Vessela.
A musical melting pot mixing Eastern bloc and surf rock on the rocks with a little umbrella in it.

WAV's CDBaby page:

This show will be Thursday, May 22nd, at The Sky Bar on Somerville Avenue in Somerville. It's about halfway between Porter Square and Union Square, near the corner of Central St & Somerville Ave, and on the #83 and #87 bus lines - though it's a short enough walk from Porter. There's plenty of parking in that area at night, too. The Sky Bar is kind of a weird venue, they've got pool tables out right in front of the stage, and the bar off to the side.

Earl Patrick is opening, going on at around 9pm supposedly. I've never heard him and don't know much about him, but both Vessela and Rachael Sage have recommended him. He's also the guy who introduced Vessela and Troy, so indirectly he's responsible for both FLUTTR and .WAV coming to be. .WAV is on at 10pm and FLUTTR at 11:30. Cover is only $5! Unfortunately it's 21+ :(

[Correction: I had accidentally said Sky Bar was on the #86 bus line. I meant the #83]
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