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Fri, Aug 22: Dresden Dolls & Throes @ Sky Bar

Tonight! The Dresden Dolls are playing tonight at The Sky Bar on Somerville Ave in Somerville (about halfway between Porter Square and Union Square). It's a mostly unpublicized "secret" show, listed only on their web site. So now you're in on the secret.

A special highlight, that might get me out to this show despite the fact that I'll have spent the entire day moving starting at 8am, is one of the openers: The Throes - a duo of brother and sister Mali and Raki Satri. Although they're NYC based now, some of you may know Mali from Lexington High School, which she attended at the same time as Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

I first encountered The Throes when I booked a show in Cambridge a while back for Dresden Dolls and Molly Zenobia. I asked Amanda to recommend a third band for that bill (one of Amanda's superpowers is picking the perfect third band to complete a bill). As a piano-drum duo, they completed a night of three piano-drum bands with female singers. They had the strength, emotion, dynamism, and intricate lyrics to fit into Dresden Dolls and Molly Zenobia night, too. If they had a show in Boston on their own, I'd be posting about it here, so another one with the Dresden Dolls is worth some extra effort. Which is why I'm writing this post while movers are taking stuff away around me - and now I'd better shut down the computer so they can take that too :)

Come early so you don't miss The Throes! Also playing are Nicki Jaine (from Philly) and The Flesh (from NYC).

Sky Bar is an odd little venue, set up to be a pool hall with a bar, with the stage on the same side of the space as the pool tables. I'm sure for this show Dresden Dolls fans can pack the place and make it seem like a normal rock club :) 21+, doors open 8:30pm.
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